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Open Monday-Friday 6:30am-6pm
Saturday 8am-6pm

111 N Reino Rd, Newbury Park, CA 91320


Sometimes the difference between a good day and a better day is a smile with a really good cup of coffee. We have really good coffee and we like smiling. When people visit our store, we hope their day is better for the moments we share.


People are like diamonds in the rough. Not everyone is polished everyone has potential to be a real gem. We want to be a part of improving the lives of those around us and to giving opportunities for those in the rough to find their sparkle and shine.


Drinking an excellent cup of coffee is like reading a good book. Dissolved in each sip is a tale of adventure and skill in the hands that grew, picked, processed, shipped, roasted, and brewed each bean. We are committed to the journey of coffee from seed to cup, and we choose excellence.


It is easy to spend time with someone who is excited about their craft because their passion is contagious. We are passionate about coffee and we want to create environments in which we can share coffee with others as a means to inspire passion and create community through conversation.

RAGAMUFFIN: A diamond in the rough; an artisan, not yet polished, who is filled with tremendous potential for greatness and a strong capacity to forge the highest levels of excellence in life, love, craft, and community.


There are two things we love about handcrafted products, quality and heart. We buy only the highest quality coffee, responsibly sourcing through direct trade. We roast in small batches and methodically hand brew taking care in each step to provide you with the best. We pour our hearts into our craft and we geek out a bit because we love sharing great coffee with you.