Colombia - Manos Juntas - Anaerobic Natural Process

Colombia - Manos Juntas - Anaerobic Natural Process

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Cranberry Tartness, Red Wine, Orange, Fudge Brownie

Variety: Castillo, Colombia, F6

Altitude: 1950–2100 masl

Proc. Method: Anaerobic Natural Process

Manos Juntas is a micro-mill in the Sotara area of Colombia's Cauca region. This particular offering was first purchased in its cherry form then delivered to the mill by eight local producers, on the day of harvest. Upon arrival, the Brix and pH were recorded, and the cherries are placed in large hermetic tanks for a five-day-long anaerobic fermentation. During this period, nitrogen gas is introduced into the tanks in order to stimulate the yeast. Brix and pH are measured constantly through this process and are used to determine the stopping point for fermentation; the coffee is then subjected to 20°C temperatures in order to cease fermentation and remove the yeast and other microorganisms. The cherry is then "aged" in tanks for a period of five more days before they are taken to solar dryers. Drying takes 30–45 days.

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