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Waking Up In Paradise Barrel-Aged Coffee Collaboration with Casa Agria Specialty Ales

Waking up in Paradise - Barrel Aged Coffee

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Waking up in Paradise is the latest edition of our barrel-aged coffee series!

Flavor notes: Tropical Fruit, Coconut Cream, Cocoa

We teamed up with our friends over at Casa Agria Specialty Ales and age our Guatemala Finca de Dios red bourbon coffee beans in a Coconut Rum barrel previously holding their newly released Waltzing Through Paradise beer.

 The Finca de Dios farm is one of our favorites and the first farm that we had a direct trade relationship with as a roaster. With its deep chocolate notes, citrus sweetness, and clean finish we couldn't think of a better coffee to use for this project. Waltzing through Paradise is an English-style Barleywine brewed with Kyle from Horus Aged Ales. The base Barleywine, Goodnight Waltz, was aged in Coconut Rum Barrels for over 18 months. We took that fresh barrel and aged coffee for 2 weeks.

The roasted notes from the coffee fuse perfectly with the barleywine, making a perfect base for the tropical fruits to come forward. As you first taste the cup a fresh pineapple sweetness is a welcome surprise to your tastebuds. The tropical fruit soon turns into a coconut cream finish that reminds you of an island getaway. 

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