Panama Peterson Family Gesha - Washed Process

Panama Peterson Family Gesha - Washed Process

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Tasting Notes: Oragnne Citurs, Melon, Black Tea, Aoricot, Rose

Panama Peterson Family Gesha
region: Palmira, Chiriqui
farm: Hacienda La Esmeralda 
process: washed
elevation: 1500 masl
lot size: nano-lot

We have a treat for you! Here you have a beautiful coffee from the famed producers, the Peterson Family of Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama's Chiriqui region. What makes this small lot of coffee special is that it comes from a single area of the far that is growing at the specific elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. This rare coffee is not going to be produced again by this farm at this elevation anytime in the near future; making it a rare gem.

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