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MoorBleu Barrel Blend - Blueberry Brandy BA Coffee

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 Flavor notes: Strong Brandy, Blueberry, Black Tea, Oak Finish

In collaboration with Ventura Spirits, we proudly present MoorBleu Barrel Blend!

Ventura Spirits' first-ever blueberry liqueur, Pineau Bleu is a French-style fruit liqueur made from blueberry brandy (distilled from 100% local blueberries grown at Silent Springs Farm in Moorpark, CA) and rested in ex-bourbon casks with organic blueberry juice and organic cane sugar.

To enhance this unique barrel-aged experience, we added a blend of two exceptional coffees to these same barrels:

  • Guatemala Finca de Dios Yellow & Orange Caturra anaerobic process
  • Guatemala Finca de Dios Geisha washed process. 

After a few months, we took the green coffee out of the barrels and expertly roasted by our master roasters, bringing out some incredible flavors.

It is truly one of the most delicious barrel-aged projects we have ever bagged and it won't last very long so grab some now before it's gone!!

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