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Guatemala Finca de Dios - Washed Process

Guatemala Finca de Dios - Washed Process

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Tasting Notes: Cinnamon Roll, Nectarine, White Wine Finish

Variety: Red Bourbon (Ragamuffin exclusive micro-lot)

Altitude: 1750 masl

Proc. Method: Washed

Grown by female farmer, Ellen Prentice.

The Finca De Dios farm is nestled in the mountains of Fraijanes, Guatemala. The region of Fraijanes is located north of Lake Amatitlán in the mountains surrounding the Valley of Ermita where Guatemala City is located. Coffee in Fraijanes is harvested from late December to March at high altitudes ranging between 4,300-6,000 feet. Volcanic pumice soil, high altitudes, plenty of rain, and an active volcano characterize the region. The Fraijanes coffees have major microclimate influence giving the coffee a uniquely balanced flavor profile. The dry season has lots of sun in the area, and although fog and heavy dew are common at sunrise, they burn off rapidly allowing all Fraijanes coffee to be sun-dried.

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