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KayonCurrant Cold Brew Bottle Release

KayonCurrant Cold Brew Bottle Release

Thank you to all who came out and tried KayonCurrants, our first barrel-aged coffee in collaboration with Firestone Walker Barrelworks. The response was so great in fact, that we decided to make it into a limited cold brew bottle release. We are proud to announce that bottles of KayonCurrants cold brew will be available at both locations starting today! 

The intense sweet black currant aroma has only been enhanced and is unlike anything we have had in the past. As the coffee opens up with a tropical sweetness you start to notice the cognac and oak from the barrel. The coffee’s natural sweetness and roasted cocoa flavor plays well with the wild funk and finishes with a smooth tea-like finish.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us in this journey, we couldn’t do it without you. We have a lot of exciting things coming this year and we’re excited for you to come with us as we continue to push ourselves to share good coffee!

Bonus Read: https://stories.firestonebeer.com/barrelworks-collaboration-on-barrel-aged-coffee-with-ragamuffin-coffee/

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